Our high performing electric chainsaws are ideal equipment for all types of sawing work around the house which can be done with cord length. This includes tree trimming and cutting-down of fruit trees, the building of an arbour in the garden, and the cutting of the firewood as well as small wood and branches.

Fewer vibrations from the handle featuring a partly rubber covering, an ergonomic build, an engine casing made of fibreglass -reinforced plastic as well as a slim, well-balanced body are additional deciding factors that speak for an electric chainsaw.

ECS200040-KIT Includes the ECS200040 chainsaw and BS1363/20 electric cable.

ECS200040 Electric Chainsaw

  • Warranty 2 year (conditional)
    Weight (approx) 5 kg
    Motor 2000 Watt
    Voltage 230 Volt / 50 Hz
    Bar Length 40cm / 16"
    Bar Manufacturer Oregon
    Chain 10mm / 3/8" LP
    Chain Manufacturer Oregon
    Chain Tensioner Front