The Cobra GCT320HD Hand Cart has a 320kg capacity and is complete with mesh drop down sides. It has steering to the front wheels which also have 4 pneumatic tyres. Cobra Garden Carts take the hard workout of maintaining your gardenEvery Cobra garden cart has been expertly designed in the U.K to cater specifically forthe changing conditions of the British garden. Cobra GCT320HD with drop down sidesEasily transport your garden debrisThe Cobra GCT320HD garden cart with its 320kg capacity is equipped with drop down / removable sides to help you unload or to transport larger items.Whether the job is getting rid of garden refuse, hauling firewood, moving sand or dumping gravel Cobra carts will undertake tasks safely, reliably and efficiently for years to come. Pneumatic tyres with roller bearingsIncreased traction on rough bumpy outdoor terrainsThe Cobra GCT320HD mesh garden cart comes equipped with pneumatic tyres. Pneumatic tyres are made from two parts,the outer part is made from tough rubber with tyre treads and the second part is an inner tube filled with air placed inside the outer piece.This not only makes the GCT320HD easier to handle but is ideal for rough or bumpy terrains, such as outdoors and on gravel. Garden cart with 'Soft Grip' handle barUse your Cobra garden cart in comfortThe Cobra GCT320HD mesh garden cart comes equipped with 'soft grip' comfort handles to take the stress out of handling your cart.This garden trolley is ideal for transporting many different items around the garden from foliage to pots and even heavier items such as bricks and logs.

GCT320HD 320kg Hand Cart with drop down sides

  • › Max. Capacity: 320kg

    › Tyres: 13" Pneumatic with Roller Bearings

    › Body: Steel / Mesh

    › Steering: Turntable

    › Sides: 4 Hinged Drop / Removable Sides

    › Overall Dimensions: 1382mm (L) x 615mm (W) x 1140mm (H)

    › Handle: Soft Grip / Towable

    › Domestic Warranty: 1 Year

Please Note no international shipping