Advanced technology for your lawn

This HRX lawnmower is ideal for medium to large lawns ( > 1 tennis court) . It is light, powerful and offer easy drivability due to ball bearings fitted to the front and rear wheels.

When you choose to purchase a HRX lawnmower, you're buying over 30 years of development and constant innovation. All of the features found on these lawnmowers are completely customer focused. This range really sets the standard. They are durable, easy to operate and you will see perfect results every time.

Key Features:

Low noise:Our R&D team have designed a patented low noise blade (-0.5dB(A)) compared to traditional blades. With a combination of engine and cutter deck design, its noise level is 30% under the current EU standard.

Roto-Stop: Stops the blades but leaves the engine running while you empty the grass bag or move across driveways with Self-propelled models.

Rear roller:Models with a rear roller give your lawn that classic striped effect. A rear roller offers greater machine balance and control when cutting around the edge of your lawn.


  • Function

    Driving Speed (Meters Per Second) 1
    Cutter deck material Polystrong®
    Blade Brake Control Roto-stop®
    Mulching System Single Speed
    Cutting Height Positions 5
    Grass bag capacity (litres) 73
    Noise value (dB(A)) 94
    Additional Features Rear Roller
    Garden size Medium to large (> 1 tennis court)


    Dimensions length (mm) 1520
    Dimensions width (mm) 497
    Dimensions height (mm) 980
    Dry weight (kgs) 42


    Cutter deck size (cm) 47
    Cutting heights (mm) 19-58


    Engine OHC 4-stroke
    Engine Displacement (cc) 167
    Engine Model GCVX170
    Engine Rated Power (kW/rpm) 3.6/3.600
    Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 0.95
    Engine Oil Capacity (L) 0.55
    Drive Single Speed


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