Powered by a 36 V lithium-ion battery, the circular brushes and power sweep always rotate at an optimum speed for a great clean. Including the efficient STIHL 'MultiClean PLUS' sweeping system, it is suitable for all kinds of debris and is low weight, has direct power transmission and is easy to push. The KGA 770 comes with an ergonomically designed push bar, central height adjustment and durable nylon bristles which come with a four year warranty. Ideal for sweeping large areas such as school playgrounds, petrol stations and warehouses. Ergonomic push handleThe sweeper is effortless to push and can easily be adapted to users of different heights. The handle can also be removed for easy transport.Central height adjustmentWith central height adjustment, you can easily adjust the height of the bristles, ensuring an optimal sweeping result for all kinds of different surfaces.Rotating brush rollerThe roller brush allows any fine dust not collected by the bristles to be swept into the waste container.Extended-life gearboxDirect transmission improves efficiency compared with belt-drive machines, making the machine lighter to push. The circular brushes also turn inward when reversing which prevents dust from being expelled.STIHL MultiClean PLUSThe MultiClean PLUS system ensures the sweeping machine can handle all kinds of dirt, cans, plastic bottles. Heavy and wet debris are also no problem. The system also takes care of very fine dust. Debris is brushed up in front of the machine before gets caught under the tool.Side guide rollersThe spacer rollers at the sides guide the machine when sweeping along objects such as walls or kerbs. These also serve to protect both the sweeper and the wall from damage.Waste containerThe impressively spacious container holds a large amount of debris, but takes up very little space. The tool can be stored upright on the container to save space, without spilling any dirt.Air filterTogether with an intelligent air guidance, the two foam air filters retain the dust. This way fine particles push significantly less dust out during sweeping. Both filter elements can be easily removed and washed.

KGA 770 tool only Top of the range sweeper with cordless technology

  • Recommended battery AP 100
    Run time AP 100 min 1) up to 84
    Run time AP 200 min 1) up to 168
    Run time AP 300 min 1) up to 210
    Weight without battery kg 2) 16
    Waste container capacity l 50
    Volume, waste container l 50
    Sweeping width cm 77

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