With the 300 AL models, you get the luxury of an 18” (46cm) Alloy Mower Deck. Lightweight and Rust Proof. A Loncin Engine gets the job of driving the industry leading ‘Quick Cut’ Twin Blade System. A High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic Grass box catches the grass, (and as a useful ‘tip’, the box will ‘sit’ on its ‘backside, making it really useful as a small bin to put weeds in etc, as you finish up your garden chores).


    • Loncin  OHV 123cc
    • 46cm/18” Cutting Width
    • Alloy Deck
    • Quickcut Blade
    • 11-77mm Cutting Height
    • Single Lever Height Adjust
    • Folding Handle Bars - Cam Locks
    • Catch & Mulch