NEW for 2019 the SP46 LS features in the Mountfield Classic Lawn mowing Collection.

A versatile self propelled lawnmower powered by a Mountfield ST170 Lithium Start 166cc, simply push the button to start this mower, there is no need to pull on a rope cord! The engine on the SP46 LS provides drive to the rear wheels, as well as the cutting blade, so you don't have to push, making it easy to use on sloping ground. Clippings are collected in the large 60 litre capacity grass collector, or if the grass is longer remove the collector and rear discharge or simply insert the mulching plug and drive in mulching mode. Mulching enables you to finely cut the grass clippings into a nitrogen-rich mulch which is recycled back into the lawn as a natural fertiliser.

Easily operated by a single lever, the 46cm/18" deck has a choice of 5 cutting height positions ranging from 27 to 80mm.

The SP46 LS is stylish and easy to use and ideal for medium sized lawns