Portable Pumps

This compact portable pump is perfect for around the home. When you need reliable and strong water pressure, this lightweight pump will get the job done.

Ideal for homeowners, gardeners and boat owners, this pump is able to push out a good volume and distance when you need it. When you're finished, they're easily stored away ready for their next use.

So what makes our lightweight pumps so effective? The answer is the craftmanship of the hose seals and O-rings which ensure air can't be drawn in, which with other water pumps would cause the essential vacuum to be lost. This subsequently results in an impressive flow rate and petrol which the pump can keep up for up to 1h30 before you need to add more petrol.

The 'total head', or the maximum height the pump can force water from suncion head to discharge head, is an impressive 40m (which is around the length of four parked buses parked end to end).

Key Features:

OHV-4 Stroke Engine: Powerful and efficient with trusted reliability. Easy starting in all conditions with automatic decompression to reduce the pull force required.

Lightweight and Portable: Your Honda Water pump is super-compact and lightweight. And with its integral carry handle you can transport and store it with ease.

Unique 360° Operation: You’ve got real flexibility for all kinds of work situations. 360° operation allows the pump to operate or be stored at any incline without damage


  • Pump

    Maximum Output Capacity (L/min) 280
    Inlet/Outlet Diameter Thread Type (mm/inches) 40/1.5-PF
    Total Head (m) 40
    Suction Head (m) 8
    Pressure (bars) 4
    Debris Size Capacity (mm) 6


    Engine model GXH50
    Engine Type 4-stroke, OHV, **1 Cylinder
    Displacement (cm³) 49
    Bore × Stroke (mm) 41.8 X 36
    Engine Speed (rpm) 700 max
    Engine Net Power (kW) 1.6
    Cooling System Forced air
    Ignition System Transistor
    Oil Capacity (L) 0.25
    Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 0.77
    Operating Time 1h20 approx
    Starter System Recoil
    Sound Pressure Level at Workstation (dB(A)) 90
    Guaranteed Sound Power Level (dB(A)) 104


    Length (mm) 355
    Width (mm) 275
    Height (mm) 375
    Dry weight (kg) 9.1